Harvest Festival Show, August 29, 2009.

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From fragrant to flavourful; the veggies and more.

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Three kinds of pole beans
won by Diane da Morada

Barbara Fowler and Lorna Cappelli.

Large and medium tomatoes.
Corinne won 1st in the
medium and 2nd in the large.
Lorna's won 3rd.

Christina Duvander's squash
is a work of art.

Diane da Morada's zucchini: 2nd.

From the smooth to the crinkled
Lorna's chard was the only enty: 1st.

3 x 3 pears. 1st: Ailsa, 2nd & 3rd: Diane.

Garlic lettuce and Kale:
Winners Diane, Barbara Fowler, Lorna.

1st prize in the freak category.
Anne Brohan. What did you add to your soil?

2nd: Barbara Fowler's carrot.
Too much clay?

The foliage house plants

Ruth Seveno's green thumb doesn't fade indoors;

these two entries won 1st and 2nd.
Collections: 3 kinds of flowers

1st: Ruth

2nd: Olive Balderson
Collections: Flowers left, Herbs (5 kinds) right

3rd: Marion Paterson

1st in the herbs: Diane
Herb Collections continued:

2nd: Wally

3rd: Ailsa

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