Harvest Festival Show, August 29, 2009.

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Everthing from Antirrhinum to Zucchini, decorative to edible.
We had plenty of flowers and vegetables that survived and thrived in the wet summer

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First the flowers.  

Wallly Gutzman's entry was the only
one in the antirrhinum class.
(It has nothing to do with the cold virus)
This snapdragon took second prize.

In the Asters Lorna Cappelli's
took a first.

And Wally's won a second.

Doreen Murphy's tuberous begonia, a first.

Lorna's calendula, a first

and Wally's a 2nd.

In the cosmos
Barbara Fowler, first.

and second.

Diane da Morada, third.

This single entry of coreopsis
won Rosalind Peltola a first

Wally won a second with
this dahlia (max 2").

Lorna's dahlia (max 5")won 1st.

Lorna also won 2nd

and third with these lovely dahlias.

Marion Paterson won 1st
with this gladiolus.

Dahlia's over 5"
Doreen Murphy's was a first
and was judged the Best Specimen in the Show.

Wally's was second.

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