Harvest Festival Show, August 29, 2009.

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More beautiful flower specimens.

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Marion Paterson's echinacea: 1st

Lorna Cappelli: 2nd

Anne Brohan: 3rd.

Ruth Seveno's hibiscus: 1st.

Lorna: 2nd

Barbara Fowler: 3rd.

A host of hostas

This was the first prize for Wally.
Can you find this in the previous picture?

The peegee hydrangeas
Corinne Thompson: 1st

Doreen Murphy: 2nd

Olive Balderson: 3rd

The pangentiana hydrangeas
Ailsa Lee Loy: 1st

Marion Paterson: 2nd

Lorna Cappelli: 3rd

Macrophylia hydrangeas, Wally Gutzman: 1st

Margaret Quinlan: 3rd.

The only marigold won a 1st for Ailsa.

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