Harvest Festival Show, August 29, 2009.

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Collections, decorative and awards.

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Collections continued:

Mmm salad anyone?! The only entry for
3 kinds of vegetables. A 1st for Ailsa

Pot et fleurs. Also won by Ailsa

The decorative winners on a theme of Highlights of Point-Claire
Windmill Point; a water design

1st: Doreen Murphy.

2nd: Ailsa.

Olive Balderson: 3rd

Valois Train Station; a free style design

2nd: Wally (no first awarded)

3rd: Ailsa

The only entry for PCHS 75 Anniversary
an interpretive design

Olive Balderson: 1st

Stewart Hall; a mass design for an entrance hall.

1st prize Wally
This also won Best Design in the Show

2nd: Ailsa

3rd: Olive

Now a drum roll please...The Awards

Lorna Cappelli receiving the McConnell Trophy
for grand high aggregate points in the show from
Mary-Jill Quinlan and Doreen Murphy.
Lorna also received the Ewing award
for high agg. in flower specimens.

Wally Gutzman was the runner-up in points.

Diane da Morada receiving the high
aggregate points for fruits and vegetables.

Barbara Fowler surrendering her ticket
in the participation draw.

Barbara Botten's name was also drawn.

Anne Brohan, another lucky draw
winner, makes her choice of the prizes.

Another successful show. Thank you to all who helped and participated.

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