Bus trip to Montreal Botanical Garden June 6, 2009.

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Continuing in the Alpine Gardens, and more.

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The Arctic Garden is part of the Alpine Garden.

The Vertical Crevice Garden is the first
of this kind in Canada and is
one of the world's largest.

The east-west orientation of the rocks and the
uneven surfaces create pockets of shade
to help keep the plants as cool as possible.

Keeping to the paths not only makes walking easier
but also protects the delicate plants.

After passing through the edible flower garden,

the aromatic garden,

the vineyard,

and the beautifully laid-out vegetable garden
we were ready for lunch!

On the way back to entrance we
had to capture these colour combinations

in the perennial gardens

The azaleas and rhododendrons

The Montreal Botanical Garden occupies 75 hectares;
these pictures are a small fraction of all there is to see.

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