Bus trip to Montreal Botanical Garden June 6, 2009.

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We have one of the world's great botanical gardens right here.

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Irene on the left was our guide.

The beds on the plaza featured unusual colours.

This American elm was saved
from Dutch elm disease

Lion guarding the
entrance to the rose garden

Wrought iron bower, no roses yet.

A scarlet oak

"The First jewels", sculpture
by Alice Winart. The young girl originally held a necklace.

Entrance to the Chinese Garden
Yes, banana trees.

The Chinese love rocks with character.

Another wonderful rock imported from China
to build the garden in 1991

Entrance to a Ming Dynasty-inspired garden.

Courtyard. The mural represents China coming
to Montreal.

Three stones from the Tai lake region of Jiansu province
represent happiness, prosperity, and longevity,
a traditional Chinese greeting.

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