Harvest Festival Show, September 22, 2010

More Harvest, decorative and awards.

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What a perfect squash! Red Kuri.
A 1st for Marguerite Bray

Tomatoes won by Olive, Lorna, Erika and Barbara

These from Barbara won 1st..

Three Zucchini from Erika. Delicious!

Garlic: 1st for Barbara.

Barbara you are good at growing freaks
of nature; what's in your fertilizer?.

Collections and decorative

A Collection of 3 garden flowers
1st for Olive

2nd for Erika.

Irene Perstinger won 1st for this collection of 5 herbs.
Can you identify them?

Olive won 1st for this beautiful mass design.

Olive also won first for this parallel design.

Lorna contemplating her trophies
for Grand high aggregate (points)
in show and for high aggregate flower specimens.

Barbara Fowler with her trophy for
high aggregate, fruits and vegetables.

Did you notice the rolls of tickets
that Lorna and Barbara had?.
Entrants recieve one ticket for each item
entered in the show and could win
one of these very healthy Clivia.

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