Festive Design Show and Year-End Party November, 2014.

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Festive Design Demo, and Party

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The last meeting of the year, lots of food, gifts for the Women's Shelter, a design
demo by Flora International, and only one entry to our Pot et Fleurs design contest.

Boxes of gifts of toiletries and clothing for the West Island Women's Shelter.

The food donations were laid out by the kitchen volunteers.

The attentive crowd.
Amanda Roberts and Sue Grainger of Flora International
start preparing their first arrangement.

The form starts to take shape.

The final arrangement with its satellite pots.
Grouped here but meant to run down
the center of the dinner table.

The second arrangement starts with deciduous
branches followed by sprays of evergreens.

Several accessories are added.

Et voilá; a spectacular design.

The challenge: create a design from ordinary
inexpensive materials.

A container found in the kitchen, some aluminum foil
a few sprigs of greenery, a bauble, and there you have it.

The lonely entry by Doreen Murphy in the Pot et Fleurs
"Contest". See Program page 18 for a description of P et F.

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