Plant Sale and Spring Show May 2013.

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More flowers, house plants, decorative
and the Ikebana designs.

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Large unlisted flowers: this helebore
won 1st for Joyce Farthing.

Wow! Erika's lady's slipper won 2nd.
Somehow I don't have pictures of
the other 2 winners, Moira and Doreen.

Another missing 1st! Sorry Joyce.
Here is Doreen's 2nd place
pasque flower for the small unlisted

Joyce's smoke grass won 3rd.
It looks fuzzier out of focus.

Here are the house plants; they survived the winter.

The orchid bowing to you won 1st for Christina.

Doreen's orchid won 2nd.

This magnificent amarylis was
a 3rd for Barbara

Succulent in flower won
1st for Joyce

Ailsa, 3rd for foliage house plant
That bit of red is the succulent.
Now lets look at the Decorative Section

Rather than repeating myself,
let's state at the outset that
Ailsa won first for these three:
a large pot-et-fleur,

a gorgeous wreath

and this design for a lunch table.

Now as a bonus, we have the Ikebana designs.

This first design was in Irene's pot.
I won it as a draw prize.

This one and the next were disasembled and taken out
of our presenters pots. The flowers were taken home
by the winners. Their challenge is to recreate these
designs at home with no training!
The flower is a protea.

Simply beautiful.

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