Plant Sale and Spring Show May 2012.

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The 2012 Plant Sale was outdoors in perfect weather.

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Tom Preparing some donations

More accumulating, obviously from a shade garden.

Here we are on site at the $3:00 table.
The bags in the back have some serious documentation.
Are you sure we are charging enough?

Marion P. and Inara ready to sell.

Irene and Janet's aprons are still clean.
This shot must have been taken early.

More plants are coming in to sort and price.
The picnic tables were provided by the city.

The crowd in the background is held at bay until 10:00 am

Does the dog garden beyond digging holes?

We also offer advice to buyers.

Sometimes treasures are buried.

How much can you take home on a bike?

Happy, tired volunteers. Thank you all and thanks to the gardeners who donated such an array of plants.
You all made this year's sale a great success.

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