Plant Sale and Spring Show May 2012.

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The Decorative section
Here's where the individual specimens come together
to tell a story, more than the sum of the parts.

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The over-all theme of the Decorative Sections is "Spring Diversions"
There was one entry per class.

This is a landscape design, "A Walk in the Woods":
a 1st for Olive Balderson. 1st.

This is a line design, "Plant in the Garden",
(Plant must be a verb)
1st, Ailsa

Ailsa won a 2nd for this water design
called "Paddle in a Pond"

Ailsa repeated the 2nd with this kinetic stabile design,
"Play in the Park". Would that be Shakespeare?

Moira won 1st for this houseplant.
No, this is not a decorative entry
but I thought it would go well here.

Wow! Who made this? Oh, the sign gives it away.
A bit large for a center piece on your dining room table.

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