Plant Sale and Spring Show May 2012.

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Lilacs to irises; what a beautiful aroma.

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Lusious lilacs:
Anne Brohan 1st.

2nd, Birgitte

Christina Duvander, 3rd. Nice to have 3
different colours as winners

Lamium looking odd standing up in a vase.
L to R: Pat Poitras: 1st, Ruth Seveno: 2nd, Ailsa: 3rd.

Lilly of the valley; Mmm, lovely scent.
1st Moira, 2nd Irene, 3rd: Pat P.

This wigela from Anne B won 3rd in Other Flowering Shrubs.

Christina's Pearl Bush won 1st.

Ailsa's Dogwood was 2nd.
Pretty primulas all in a row:
1st Ailsa, 2nd, Doreen, 3rd Moira.

These are unlisted, not bulbs, small. 1st: Anne
Star of Bethlehem, 2nd: Birgitte, bashful geum
3rd: Ailsa, ajuga.

The large (not bulbs: 1st Christina's heleborus.

Birgitte won 2nd,
Her trollius are not used to having their picture taken

These escaped, and just barley made it into the pictures.
Doreen's purple iris won 1st, M.J. de Koos's white was 2nd.
At this point the 3rd had gone home.

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