Plant Sale and Spring Show May 2012.

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The Spring Show was part of the May 16 regular meeting.

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Parrot tulips:
only one entry, a 1st for Irene Perstinger.

This won a 1st for Doreen Murphy
in class 5: "any other tulip".

Pat Poitras 2nd
in the same class.

Christina Duvander, 3rd
This class is not well-named;
these are not just "any other tulips".

On to the Narcissus.
1st for Moira Miller-Valentine

2nd for Pat Poitras

Anne Brohan's bright yellows won 3rd.

Doreen's was the only multiflowered entry and won 1st
The graceful Bleeding hearts:
1st goes to Birgitte Sloth.

2nd for Ailsa Lee Loy

3rd to Irene.

Ferns are best in spring. Birgitte won 1st,(left)
and 3rd (right.) (It's too complicated to
remove the one behind), and Doreen won 2nd (middle)

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