Rose & Bloom Show June 20 2012.

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Blooms (Other than Roses)

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Ailsa 1st with 3 hybrid teas.

Olive's hybrid tea won 2nd.

That's all for roses, on to the other blooms

This columbine won 1st for Ailsa

This Lady's Mantle looks beter than mine:
Maybe it's the fluorescent lights.
1st Patricia Jackson, 2nd Christina Duvander, 3rd Ailsa

The many faces of campanula: 1st Lorna, 2nd Irene,
3rd Olive, Honorable Mention Ailsa

Margaret Quinlan's delphinium
grandiflora won 1st.

Larkspur: Inara's 2nd, Lorna's third.

Lorna won 1st and 2nd with her dianthus and Irene 3rd.
Irene's dianthus, Raspberry Swirl, 1st.

Doreen's 2nd, colour coordinated
with the card.
Flowering vines 1st, Pat Poitras, 2nd, Doreen, 3rd Ailsa.

Here is a closer look at
Doreen's winning clematis 2nd
prize in the pic at left.

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