Rose & Bloom Show June 20 2012.

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The Show was part of the June regular meeting.
We also had an auction of plants brought in by members.

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Margaret Quinlan with
some winners to set up.

Part of the forest of auction items.

Our enthusiastic auctioneer, Wanda
Now on with the Show. Let's start with Teas and Floribundas

Definitely a good place to start.
Lorna Cappelli won 1st with this hybrid tea gem.

and also for this one.

Ailsa Lee Loy won 2nd for this apricot.

What a colour! 1st for Lorna.

Ruth Seveno's pink was 2nd.

Floribundas: this from Christina Duvander won 1st.
Ruth 1st in the pinks

2nd Lorna
Bev Sabo's pink is 3rd

Lorna's 1st was the only entry for this colour.

Wow! Can you believe that is is only one spray
Lorna received a 1st and Best Rose In Show.

Patricia Jackson won 2nd.

For this only grandiflora,
Ruth won 1st.

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