Harvest Festival Show August 25, 2012.

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Fruits and vegetables plus three time-traveling carved pumpkins.

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Beans Irene: 1st and 3rd for the green
and Doreen 2nd for the yellow.

Irene has been busy in her garden; 1st for these beets.

Ailsa's pears win every year.

Pat Poitra's peppers

Pat and Irene still have rhubarb producing stalks.

Miniature tomatoes: Ailsa 1st and 2nd,
Irene 3rd and an HM for Irene and Anne.

Medium tomatoes Pat 1st, Irene 2nd.

Tomatoes large 1st Irene

Medium cucumbers, Irene 1st.

Large cucumbers 1st Irene, 2nd Anne.

For the freak of nature Irene's enty was the only one.
Amazing what goes on underground.

Doreen presented one of the 3 trophies Irene won for
High aggregate points in the show,
in Flower specimens and in Fruits and vegetables.

Ailsa won the Underwood trophy as
runner-up for high aggregate points.

Let's jump from the end of August to October and the pumpkin Carving Contest;
not such a leap from harvest to pumpkins.

Punk pumpkin carved by yours truly.

Erika Hofmann submitted this one.

Irene is still on a winning streak with her carved pumpkin
which won by popular vote.

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