Harvest Festival Show August 25, 2012.
Plus 3 carved pumpkins from the October meeting (page 3).

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This was our only weekend show this year.
Let's start with the flowers. These survived the summer drought.

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The advantage of an afternoon show; natural light.
Irene Perstinger won 1st and 2nd for her calendulas.

Some natural light is too strong on these dahlias.
Doreen 1st, 2nd & honorable mention (right), Irene 3rd.

The big dahlias: Liam Peel's red 1st; Doreen's peach 2nd; Irene's yellow, 3rd.

Hydrangeas, paniculata grandiflora:
Pat Poitras won 1st, Irene 2nd.

Ruth Seveno won 1st and 2nd with her macrophylllas.
Doreen won 3rd with her climbing hydrangea.

Irene's very tall Japanese
anemone won 1st

Hosta leaves looking like wings. Pat Poitras, 1st, 2nd. Doreen 3rd

Marigolds: Irene 1st for the only ones in the show

For the rudbeckia, Anne Brohan 1st, Ailsa 2nd,
Irene 3rd.

Sedum's do well in dry weather. Pat, Irene and Ailsa
won 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

Ruth Seveno's sweet peas took 1st and 2nd.

For Pat and Ailsa, their verbena specimens won 1st and 2nd.

Now we are in the unlisted, every-woman-for-herself category.
Ruth, obedient plant. Doreen Spanish Daisy and Coreopsis

Irene feverfew, Ruth phlox
Irene's hibiscus glowing in the sun. 1st prize of course.

Ruth's Joe Pieweed 2nd.

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