Festive Design Show and Year-End Party November, 2012.

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Festive Design competition, Demo, and Party

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The last meeting of the year, lots of food, gifts for the Women's Shelter,
a design demo by Fleurific, a competition for the best hearth design,
and a very tough quiz.

Jackie Lecomte transformed an ordinary poisetta:
a cloth over the pot, greenery added
plus some bling, et voilą.

Marianne & Jackie creating with various stems
and flowers.
We should have paid more attention to the stems.

Jackie with the finished design in a goblet.

A closer look at the second design.
This is the magnificent 3rd design
created by the Lecomte sisters.

Jackie and Marianne brought this quiz.
We had to identify the stems with no other clues.
Someone correctly identifed the most stems.

This is just one of two tables of food.

The audience watching the Jackie and Marianne
assembling their creations.

Now for our members' entries for a hearth design.

Ailsa Lee Loy's.

This is from Erika Hofmann.

The winner chosen by the members was by Olive Balderson

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