Plant Sale and Spring Show May, 2011.

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More Blooms, Bushes and Polygonatum

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The graceful Bleeding Heart
1st, Denyse Benoit.

This one looks bashful.
2nd Moira Miller-Valentine

3rd, Ruth Seveno

Marion Paterson's azalea: 1st; heavenly

Erika Hofmann, 2nd

Olive Balderson's red currant
is out of focus but won 3rd place.

Ruth Seveno's Japanese plum got
an honorable mention.

These Solomon Seal specimens,
also known as polygonatum
won for Anne Brohan, Moira,
and Christina Duvander

Now the primulas. Doreen Murphy 1st,
Lorna Cappelli 2nd and 3rd.
Thanks for bringing 3 differnt colours.

The center Hellebore won first
for Christina D, Marion P's iris came
second (left)
and Jean Phillips iris was 3rd.

Epimedium is a shade plant that
tolerates dry soil under trees.
This one garnered a 1st for Christina

Olive's Bergenia won 2nd

Marion's Brunnera won 3rd
and M.J. de Koos's tiarella
won an honorable mention.

This trio of lamium (lamia?)
Brought prizes to Ruth, M.J. de Koos and Moira
and shows off three varieties

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