Plant Sale and Spring Show May, 2011.

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The Spring Show was part of the May 18 regular meeting

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Despite the cold, very wet spring we still had tulips.
Here they are making a cheerful display.

The parrot tulips

Wanda Morson: 1st for
in the single tulip class.

Erica Hoffman, 2nd

Jean Phillips, 3rd
What wonderful colours.
1st Marion Paterson's 1st was the
only entry in parrot tulips.

In the double tulips Lorna Cappelli
won 1st,


and 3rd

1st for Lily-flowered tulips, Margaret Quinlan

2nd, Doreen Murphy.

3rd, Margaret Quinlan

1st for other tulips, Lorna Cappelli

2nd, Christine Duvander.

3rd, Doreen Murphy

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