Rose and Bloom Show June 22, 2011

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Flowering Vines to Collections of Perennials.

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Marion Paterson's pale blue clematis, center, won 1st
Pat Poitras, 2nd with the clematis on the
left, and Erika won 3rd with her climbing hydrangea.

2 weigela; M.J. de Koos won 1st
and Doreen 2nd.

In other flowering shrubs: 1st and 3rd, Anne Brohan,
2nd Diane.

Hemerocalis: 1st (center) Michèle Aumont,
Marion left, Moira right.

Heuchera or choral bells: l-r Erika, Ailsa, Michèle.

Anne and Marion won 1st and 2nd in the irises.

Even dime-a dozen Feverfew can win prizes
Diane, Anne and Ailsa.

The only native plant entry, a Ninebark diablo
won 1st for Catherine Thomas.

Single peony: Erika 1st, Michèle 2nd.

Double peony l-r: Pat 1st,
Erika 2nd, Diane 3rd.

In unlisted single large blooms
Doreen 1st for bashful daisies
And Moira 2nd for centaurea.

The whole table of Unlisted single small:
Winners are Diane, Anne, Moira.

This enormous alium:
won 1st,for Diane.

In the multi-flowered: Koos 1st with her penstemon.
Anne 2nd, 3rd with delphinium and ??

A collection of 3 collections (l-r):
1st; Ailsa, 2nd; Marion, 3rd; Erika

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