Rose and Bloom Show June 22, 2011
Held in the evening
with a plant auction.

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Roses, roses and more roses.

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The auction of plants donated by members
was a great success.

Wanda Mitkiewiecz, our auctioneer, in the "forest"
of 55 donated plants
Meanwhile, the show must go on.

Inara Leimanis, 1st (and only) for this pink hybrid tea.

In the red and blends, a 1st for Diane da Morada.

Next, the floribundas

Marion Paterson won 1st for the spray
and 2nd for the single.

Diane won 1st with this red blend.

Now, the grandifloras

3rd, (not because it's out
of focus) for Ruth Seveno

Ruth's pink blend won 2nd.

The only miniature was a 3rd for Ruth.

MMM English Roses

Inara's won 3rd.

Diane won 1st and 2nd in the pinks.

Back to Canada with Agriculture Canada Roses

Marion Paterson, 2nd in the single blooms

Erika Hofmann, 3rd

Inara Leimanis, 1st for this spray.
This was also Best in Show.

Erika, 2nd

Diane 3rd.

Erika 2nd for this Old Garden Rose.

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