Annual Harvest Festival Show

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Now for the edible part of the show.
and some look but don't eat.

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Snap beans

Beets were from Barabara Fowler's garden


and these perfect onions from Barbara.

Ailsa's pears won last year too.

Pat Poitras won 2nd and 3rd for her peppers.

Hot peppers from Ailsa.

Pat also won with her squashes.

Not enough to make a pie
but good for a 2nd prize for Pat.

Pat won 1st and 3rd for her cucumbers
and Lorna won 2nd.
At right there are two freaks of nature.
Beverly Ann Sabo's won 1st and 3rd.
Barbara Fowler's tiny tomato won 3rd.

Tomato sauce anyone?.

Strawberries, a 1st for Ailsa
And raspberries 2nd for Pat.

That's all for the flower and vegetable specimens.
The following designs were Ailsa's entries in the decorative section.
Unfortunately there are no photos of the other designs.

"Among the Rocks" a small design
Olive was 1st, Ailsa 2nd and Maria Costa 3rd.

Ailsa's was the only entry for
a design featuring vegetables.
1st prize

Ailsa's design won first for "In the Woods"

Ailsa's entry for this wildflower design won 2nd.
Olive's was 1st.

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