Annual Harvest Festival Show
Held during the September 2011 meeting.
Flower specimens, veggies, some fruit.

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Flower specimens Dianthus to Rudbeckia

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Dianthus, otherwise known as Sweet William,
won a 1st for Doreen.

and she won 2nd as well.

Heuchera bloom all summer. 1st, Doreen.

2nd, Lorna.

Doreen's Hydrangea took 1st

Erika's, 2nd.

Olive Balderson's won 3rd.

This is a different type of Hydrangea
Pat Poitras won 1st.

Ailsa Lee Loy won 2nd. Without looking at the
show notes, can you tell the difference
between these last two and the previous 3 hydrangeas?

Lesson's over, on to the Japanese Anenome.
(will update later on this winner)

Doreen's were 3rd

Lorna had pansies still blooming
and they gave her a 1st prize.

Have you ever seen a petunia this colour?
Bravo Ailsa, on your 1st prize.

This dark beauty won 2nd for Lorna.

Erika's Rudbeckia took 1st prize.

Liam Peel's took 2nd.

Erika's again. This one came 3rd.
Second quiz: can you see the difference between the
two types of rudbeckia here?
Erika's are one type and Liam's another.
Hint: the three vases are the same size in all three pictures.
On that sunny note, we end page 2.

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