Festive Design Show and Year-End Party November, 2011.

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Your designs, some entertainment, a Quiz
and one image from the photo contest.

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Chris and Wanda aka Mr. & Mrs. Claus
entertained us with some Christmas songs.

Patricia Jackson provided vigorous
accompaniment with the bells.

Chris also tested our knowledge of things
Christmas with a quiz.
Margaret Quinlan, Frances Shaughnessy, Fay Blenkhorn
and Janet Dupré were the brave contestants.

Margaret was the last one standing.
Her prize was Peter's first design.

Now let's see our creative members' designs

The entries were hung on a coat rack.

Creating a green oasis in the hall.

These were just some of the 8 entries.

Michele Aumont's 3rd place winner.

Irene Perstinger's
large wreath was 2nd.
Do you own a barn, Irene?

Ailsa Lee Loy's
swag won 1st prize.
The birds were pretty happy too.

Here is John Dyer's winning photo in the contest;
judged best in the bunch.

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