Bus Tour October 1, 2011

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The Chinese Garden and its fabulous lantern show.
(The Lanterns didn't give off much heat)

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First we discovered all sorts of creatures in the bushes by the path
leading to the pavilion and the lake.

One of several dragons, a symbol of power.

The turtle probably symbolizes something.
There is symbolism in practically everything
to the Chinese.

Tiger = dignity, courage, protection. But the wink?

This is the phoenix, a symbol of good fortune.

It's not all about power or fortune; but why are the men pulling the cart?
Perhaps the donkey has power.

These could be guards for the emperor.

Here is another colourful dragon.

Even a camel; good for the Gobi desert.

This dragon has a brave little
boy riding on its back.

A fisherman bringing in the catch.
These fish are flying!

This could be an official. Maybe he is telling
people 'no swimming allowed'.

Probably none of these horses is called Moses,
but they are definitely walking on water.

You can walk all around the lake to get new views.

This building sold some very welcome
hot tea and moon cakes.

Inside, our shivering was calmed by the music
of the guzheng.

The figure on the kite overhead wasn't
swayed by the music.

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