Bus Tour October 1, 2011
A chilly wet October afternoon.
Maison Saint-Gabriel and Chinese Lanterns at the Botanical Gardens

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Maison St.-Gabriel , Pointe Saint-Charles.

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This was a teaching farm founded by Marguerite Bourgeoys in 1658
Farming ended in 1960. It became a museum in 1966

This plaque from the government of Québec.

This plaque from the government of Canada.
Which one has the larger printing?

This is the house from the drive.

Another plaque from an anonymous sponsor.

Another view of the handsome house
which was bought by MG in 1662

This one explains that les filles du roi were not prostitutes.

To the left of the house is the barn, now a museum
and gift shop. The rose bed is almost finished on the right.

Marguerite Bourgeoys rose
created for the 350th anniversary
of her founding the first Montreal
school in 1658.

In the barn we learned some of the history.

Our guide, dressed as 17th century king's ward.

I snapped this picture in the house (no flash)
before I was told it was défendu.

This Manitoba maple is at least 100
years old. Gee, we see these as weed trees.

The garden with poetry on the display boards.
Did the girls working here have time to relax?.

Hostas, lamium, ferns, tiarella and
euonymus were thriving in the shade.

This is the kitchen garden. I sneaked in
before the crowd was told it wasn't open.

The map on the wall depicts the farm and its gradual
parceling out in the 19th and 20th centuries.
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