Another Members' Garden Tour July 31, 2011
5 gardens mostly in Pointe-Claire
in perfect weather after a hot dry July.
Thank you to Robin Michetti for the beautiful pictures.

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Catherine Pikulik's and Gail Hart's gardens

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First Garden, Catherine Pikulik

Catherine greeted the 50 visitors at her front door..

A closer look at the white balloon flower.

Japanese Anenome blooming already.

The pond doesn't seem to have fish.

Did this fellow take them all?.

The striking berries of ??.

Bright table and chairs for a tête à tête.

3rd garden, Birgitte Sloth

The sloping front yard gardens held by rock borders.

This fellow seems to be amazed
to see 50 visitors.

Birgitte has many types of hosta.

Maureen dwarfed by the
towering Kitaibelia or Chalice flower grove.

The birds are shy today.

Now for some close-ups.

Sorry, treats are served only at the last garden.

Iris leaves
and not a brown one amoung them.

Birgitte nurtures seedlings.
Here they are gathered into a forest.

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