Plant Sale and Spring Show May, 2010.

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Finally, the Plant Sale

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The tables were in place,
the plants were delivered and sorted,
and the weather cooperated.

Some tables were almost obscured by plants.
Yes, that is a fine specimen of a small
spruce tree in the foreground nurtured and donated by Brian Goodacre.

This must be before the sale; no one is in pounce mode.

Jacqui Bouchard sharing knowledge
with her son Marc, Jamila El Ariss and Wanda Mitkiewiecz,

Sometimes we get a question we can't answer.
Birgitte Sloth is stumped.

A few people had time to relax.
Brian Goodacre, Maureen Meloche and Mary-Jill Quinlan take in
the scene as Pat Wilson does some paperwork.

Ruth Seveno checks her watch; it should start soon?

Volunteers Ailsa Lee Loy
(with a very appropriate T-shirt),
and Pat Day.

A happy customer shows what she found.
Ruth Seveno and Marion Paterson in the background.
Thanks to Tom Kingsbury and his team of volunteers
and to members who donated their plants.
It was once again a very successful sale.

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