Plant Sale and Spring Show May, 2010.

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More flowers and the decorative winners.

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Debbie Andreatos won 1st for
this beautiful rhododendron.

Anne Brohan's centaurea cyanus garnered a 3rd
and Barbara Fowler's dark iris came 2nd.
(You can see the iris in the lower right hand side.)

Small unlisted. 1st Lorna Cappelli's silene (center),
2nd & 3rd, Debbie Andreatos for her trollius and lamium.

The ultimate flowering house plant; the orchid.
This is Margaret Quinlan's 1st place winner.

2nd: debbie Andreatos's amarylis.

This foliage house plant won
1st for Ruth Seveno.

Ailsa Lee Loy won first for this succulent.
Let's take a tour through the Decorative classes

Desert Sands.
1st Ailsa Lee Loy 1st for this small abstract.

Olive Balderson, 2nd. Phew it's hot out here.

Still in the dessert.
3rd, Rosalind Peltola's cactus.

From the desert to the Rocky Mountains.
Olive Balderson, 1st with the only entry .

Ailsa Lee Loy was the only one to
make it to Crater Lake.
and captured a 1st for her effort.

Now to a Zen Garden (freestyle design).
Rosalind Peltola won 2nd.

Ailsa Lee Loy won 3rd.

Doreen Murphy presents Ailsa
with the George Edwards trophy for high aggregate,
flower specimens, the only trophy awarded in the Spring Show.

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