Plant Sale and Spring Show May, 2010.

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Other bulbs and blooms

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Other spring bulbs, large.
This iris won 1st for Wanda Marson

Allium 2nd: Lorna Cappelli

Small bulbs. 1st for Doreen Murphy (center) pink bluebells (pinkbells?)
Plus hyacinthoides. M.J. de Koos, (right) 2nd and Olive Balderson honourable mention.

The winning bleeding hearts: 1st Ailsa Lee Loy center, 2nd Anne Brohan, right
and 3rd Olive Balderson, pink left

The perfect dancing ferns of spring.
1st, and 2nd: Mary Cooper, for her Japanese painted fern and maiden hair fern

3rd, Barbara Fowler.
This giant dwarfed all the others.

Ahh the lilacs.
1st and 2nd, Margaret Quinlan, (Center and right) 3rd, Debbie Andreatos.

Other flowering shrubs.
1st, Lorna Cappelli's azalea.

2nd, Doreen Murphy's weigela.

3rd, Barbara Fowler's spirea.

Pretty primulas.
1st, Doreen Murphy, center,
2nd, Barbara Fowler with the bashful specimen
on the left. 3rd, Lorna Cappelli (right)

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