Plant Sale and Spring Show May, 2010.

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The Spring Show was part of the May 20 regular meeting

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Despite the early spring this
year we still had tulips
1st in Single tulips: M.J. de Koos

2nd: Debbie Andreatos

Third,: Margaret Quinlan

Debbie Andreatos: 1st for
the only entry in the parrot tulip class.

Lorna Cappelli's unusual tulips
called ice cream, 1st in the doubles.
1st Debbie Andreatos in tulips, other

2nd: Lorna Cappelli

3rd: Joan Power

1st in Narcissus class:
Ruth Seveno

2nd, Debbie Andreatos. You may call
it out of focus or airbrushed.

3rd, Joan Power

1st for Multi-flowered narcissus,
Debbie Andreatos. Two stems, 4 blossoms.

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