Festive Design Show and Year-End Party November, 2010.

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The Festive Design Show, Party and Demo

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Let's start with the designs you brought in. The theme was Candlelight and Music

Yours truly submitted this.

Erica Hofmann

Carolyn Crotogino

Members voted this, by Claudine Dionne, the winner.

Anne Brohan (left) brought in 30 seed specimens for us to identify.

Challenging! Christina Duvander won with 14 correct.

Jackie and Mary Ann Lecompte of Fleurifik showed us how they make designs.

First, the greenery is assembled.

Add some baubles and bling,

some cinnamon sticks, a bowed ribbon

et voilá, a swag.

This is a collection of small pieces. Ask Fleurific about the 'snow'.

Another beautiful arrangement

Some members took home the arrangements,
others won one of these door prizes.

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