Bus Tour June 19, 2010

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Fifth and last garden, Bleu Lavande, Stanstead-Fitch Bay

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First planted in 1999, and with 200,000 lavender plants, this is
the largest lavender farm in Canada

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The weather held until we boarded the bus for home.

This is the boutique where you can buy
everything imaginable scented with lavender.
They don't charge for the scent you take out on your clothes.

The blue theme was everywhere.

The guide explained the finer details of the plants.
The boutique sells 2 types: Munstead and True English.

This display shows the layout and size of the farm.
The seeds are bought in Australia.

Some of the lavender fields. You can get
an idea of the bloom colour from the picnic tables.

Here is where they distil the lavender to extract the oil.

Part of the display explaining the building of the
farm, and how they lost 80% of their
plants in the winter of 2003-2003.

This sculpture is in a small garden.

The tents are near the garden.

Where you can get a massage with lavender oil of course.

And continue with the serenity
walking in the garden.

What do they feed the hostas?
Lavender oil? or ?

Mary-Jill, our bus tour planner par excellence with David Collingwood

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