Plant Sale and Spring Show May, 2009.

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Bleeding Heart, lilacs and more

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The graceful Bleeding Heart

First, Anne Brohan

Second, Debbie Andreatos

Third, Ailsa Lee Loy

The lilacs at their peak gave off their wonderful perfume.
Winners were Ailsa Lee Loy, Martine Lehman, and Mary-Jill Quinlan

In other flowering shrubs,

First, a rhododendron from Lorna Cappelli

Second, Barbara Fowlers's Crab Apple

Third, a white crab apple from Liz Findlay

In the large unlisted flowers, not from bulbs,

First, Barbara Fowler's beautiful iris

Second, Debbie Andreatos' Fern peony

Third, Debbie's Globe Flower
And now for the small unlisted flowere not from bulbs,

First, Euphorbia from Debbie Andreatos

Second, Silene, from Ailsa Lee Loy

Third, Ajuga, also from Ailsa
Even though spring flowers are wonderful, the Spring Show also features indoor plants

First, this spectacular orchid
from Debbie Andreatos

Second, another beauty
from Christina Duvander

Third, this sonoma has been
nurtured by Marion Peterson

The only entry in the Succulents class
took a first for Ailsa Lee Loy

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