Plant Sale and Spring Show May, 2009.

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More Show winners; tulips and other spring flowers

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Lily-flowered tulips
First prize, Wally Gutzman

Second prize, Christina Duvander

First in other tulips, Greta Durand

Second, Wally Gutzman

Third, Lorna Cappelli
Yes this looks the same as the first
prize but the blooms are smaller.
Even the stems are shorter.

On to another spring favourite
The Narcissus. First in the large class, Doreen Murphy

Second, Debbie Andreatos

First in Narcissus, Multiflowered or double etc, Doreen Murphy

Second, Wally Gutzman

Let's not forget the other large bulbs.
First for this alium, Lorna Cappelli

Second, Doreen Murphy for her Camassia

Other small spring bulbs: First,
Trilium from Anne Brohan.

Second, Grape Hyacinth
from Ailsa lee Loy

Third, Spanish Bluebells from Wally Gutzman.

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