Plant Sale and Spring Show May, 2009.

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The Spring Show was part of the May 20 regular meeting

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The tables filled with specimens.
It isn't a Spring Show without tulips.

The colours are amazing

Tabulators for this show, Ailsa Lee Loy, Anne Brohan
and Marie-Hélène Bruneli are ready with the paper work.

Joanne Lajeunesse received a gift as thank
you for her many years of volunteering as a tabulator.

The crowd gathered
Lets take a look at the winning entries.

First in Single tulips, Mary Jane de Koos

Second, Lorna Cappelli

Third, Doreen Murphy

Barbara Fowler , First for Parrot tulips

Debbie Andreatos, second

Wally Gutzman, third

Double Tulips: First, Barara Botten

Third, Wally Gutzman

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