Rose and Bloom Show, June 20, 2009.

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Decorative Section and Awards
This year the theme was "The Elements"

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"Platinum records" called for a kinetic stamobile design

Rosalind Peltola, 1st

Ailsa Lee Loy, 2nd

"Copper coins"; a synergistic design

1st, Ailsa Lee Loy
This won Best Design.

2nd, Rosalind Peltola

"Neon Lights"; a parallel design

1st, Rosalind Peltola

2nd, Doreen Murphy.

3rd, Ailsa Lee Loy

Now the Awards, Ta-Daa!

Doreen Murphy receives the Spencer
Jackson Award for high aggregate - blooms.

Erica Hofmann receves the Wally Gutzman
Award for the Best Bloom

Ailsa Lee Loy was awarded the Terrafolia
award for the best design.

Ruth Seveno won the PCHS
Plaque for the Best Rose and also
the prize for the total high aggregate..

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