Rose and Bloom Show, June 20, 2009.

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The other blooms.

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A company of campanulas
1st and 2nd by Ailsa Lee Loy;
3rd, Christina Duvander.

Corinne Thompson's Climbing
Hydrangea took a first

From the mass of the hydrangea
to this delicate clematis
from Marion Paterson.

This is a beauty bush
otherwise known as Kolkwitzia
from Christina Duvander's garden
wining 1st in the other flowering shrubs

Rosalind Peltola's mock orange (1st)
is on the left.
In the weigelas, Doreen
Muphy was 1st, Margaret Quinlan
2nd, and Barbara Botten 3rd.

The day lilies were late this year but
Anne Brohan's won a first

and Doreen Murphy's a 2nd.

The irises; won by Anne Brohan,
Doreen Murphy, Christina Duvander.

This magnificent lupin won
a first for Maureen Meloche

Margaret Quinlan's water lily.
Without competition, this won a 1st.

Despite all the rain we had had, the peonies were at their peak.

This beautiful single peony
from Erica Hofmann's garden
was judged best bloom.

Anne Brohan's double peony won 1st

This group is the Collection of Perennials
1st and honorable mention, Ailsa Lee Loy,
2nd Ruth Seveno, 3rd Marion Paterson.

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