Year-end Meeting and
Festive Design Show November 25, 2009

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A smaller show but a good turn-out, lots of food,
gifts for the Women's Shelter and more;
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Peter Pickrell of Wesmount Florists
created 3 beautiful designs which
were won by three happy members later.

Ta daa! Peter explained the materials,
and the flower business as he worked.

He also gave tips on how to cut stems, use oasis
and preserve arrangements.

The roses in this Biedermeier
arrangement will open more and fill it in.
Now for our members' designs. Only four this year.

Mirrored Beauty, a 1st for Rosalind Peltola

Barbara Botten: 1st with Gourmet Delicacy

Holiday Spirit; Rosalind Peltola: 1st

and Claudine Dionne: 2nd
Yes there is a candle in there.

A tale of three napkin rings

Maureen Meloche. Did the
rose come from your garden?

Frances Shaughnesy

Wanda Mitkiewiecz

Here is Wanda with her
winning napkin ring and prize.

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