Spring Show May 28, 2008.

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Primula, polyanthus

Third: Doreen Murphy, Second: Moira Miller-Valentine
First: Barbara Fowler.
Primula Japonica

Second: Wally Gutzman, First: Ailsa Lee Loy

Solomon's Seal

Third: Doreen Murphy, Second: Debbie Andreatos,
First: Ailsa Lee Loy
Bleeding Heart

A table full of bleeding heart with a lily of the valley crashing the party on the right.
Third: Agnes Gagliardi, Second: Moira Miller Valentine, First: Anne Brohan
Unlisted flowers, 2" and up

Third: Agnes Gagliardi. An early clematis.

Second: Barbara Fowler. Iris

First: Ruth Sevino. Polemonium or Jacob's Ladder

Unlisted flowers, less than 2"

Third: Ailsa Lee Loy. Ajuga.

Second: Ailsa Lee Loy. Silene

First: Debbie Andreatos. Globe Flower

Third: Ruth Sevino

Second: Anne Brohan

First: Mary-Jill Quinlan

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