Spring Show May 28, 2008.

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Before we saw the show, the judges had to judge,
and the rest of us watched Kim Vergil create a rustic trellis.

While a volunteer held it up, Kim fastened the
branches of the silver maple she had brought in.

Let's just add a curving element here

Evelyn Kokesch won the trellis as the
door prize and here it is in her yard.

Kim Vergil gives courses in creating trellis like this as well as living fences etc.

A link for her website is here

Now to the Show winners
Class 1: Simple tulips

Third prize: Doreen Murphy

Second: Margaret Quinlan

First: Doreen Murphy
Class 2: Parrot tulips

Second: Barbara Fowler

First: Wally Gutzman
Class 3: Double tulips

Third: Barbara Botten

Second: Wally Gutzman

First: Margaret Quinlan

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