Harvest Festival Show September 6, 2008

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The Decorative entries are always imaginative.

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This is a Pot et Fleurs*
won by Barabara Botten
*See page 23 of your program for a definition.

Doreen Murphy won 1st for
her entry in "Red Storm Rising",
an abstract design using flowers, vegetables etc.

2nd for "Red Storm Rising", Olive Balderson

3rd Wally Gutzman

Before we get to the vegetables,
let's not forget this prize-winner;
"Through the Looking Glass", a small design by Olive Balderson

A table full of tomato entries.

1st to Ailsa Lee Loy for these peppers.

Barbara Fowler 1st
for these sweet bell peppers

Doreen Murphy grew this squash

These beautiful pears
won 1st for Ailsa Lee Loy
plus and Honorable Mention Best Vegetable

Another 1st for Ailsa Lee Loy

The tabulators have added up all the points and tadahhh!

Doreen Murphy presents the PCHS
trophy to Wally Gutzman for high
aggregate flowers. Wally also received
the McConnell Trophy for grand high
aggregate points in the show

Maureen presents Doreen with the
Underwood trophy: Runner-up
high aggregate points.

Barbara Fowler receiving the
Quebec Federation of Horticulture
trophy for high aggregate
fruit and vegetables

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