Harvest Festival Show September 6, 2008

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You will notice that these pictures are in alphabetical order by flower name.
This page is H to Z. (Roses are in a class by themselves on page 3)

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This large Hibiscus won a
1st for Ruth Seveno

Lavatera, one bold, one shy.
Another 1st for Ruth.
OK this one isn't in alphabetic order.

Marigolds: 2nd, Wally Gutzman;
1st, Barbara Fowler; 3rd, Olive Balderson

Hosta: 1st Doreen Murphy,
3rd Ailsa Lee Loy

Hydrangea: 1st Ailsa Lee Loy
Even the leaves are perfect.

Hydrangea: 2nd,Olive Balderson

The nasturtiums. Or is that nasturtia?:
1st, Barbara Fowler

2nd, Mary Jane de Koos

3rd, Olive Balderson

The only Nicotiana
1st prize, Christina Duvander

1st and 2nd, Mary Jane de Koos

3rd, Ailsa Lee Loy

Smell the sweet Peas:
1st, Wally Gutzman

2nd, Mary Jane de Koos

and 3rd, Christina Duvander

The Zinnias, unique to
the Harvest Festival show:
1st, Olive Balderson

2nd, Wally Gutzman

This is the table of unlisted singles

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