Harvest Festival Show September 6, 2008

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Not only flowers but fruits and vegetables too

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The tables were set with vases on Friday
waiting to receive their blooms.

The tabulators were ready
Michelle, Joanne and Ailsa.

Asters: 1st Christina Duvander

Asters: 2nd Olive Balderson

Begonia: 1st Ruth Seveno

Begonia: 2nd, Rosalind Peltola

Fibrous Begonia: 1st Ruth Seveno

Calendula: another first for Ruth Seveno

Wally Gutzman took 1st
for the Dahlia max. 2"

Dahlia max. 5" 1st went to Greta Durand

and the 2nd as well to Greta

Dahlia over 5"
1st to Greta Durand for this beauty

Wally Gutzman took 2nd

and 3rd

From the large to the small
Dianthus: 1st, Ailsa lee Loy

Gladiolus: 1st, Doreen Murphy

Echinacea: 1st Olive, Balderson

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