Year end Meeting, Party and
Festive Design Show November 26, 2008

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More designs and contest winners

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Ailsa Lee Loy is "Toasting the New Year"
with this 2nd prize design.

Olive Balderson's more sober "Toast" received 1st prize.

"Fireside Glow", an asymmetrical design for the hearth.
Olive Balderson won first prize.

Another challenge was to create a Christmas tree ornament.
Ailsa Lee Loy and Margaret Roberts
show off their winners.

Marion Paterson and Michèle Lajeunesse
each received 26 out of 27 points in our plant quiz.
In case you missed the quiz, click here
to have a look.
See if you can get a perfect score.

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to see the answer sheet.

Mary-Jill, food taster, and Aileen in the kitchen

Now the rest of us got to taste the delicious spread

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