Year end Meeting, Party and
Festive Design Show November 26, 2008

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There were a lot of designs this evening

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Jackie and Mary Ann Lecomte of Fleurific
created 5 beautiful designs which were raffled later.

Mary Ann with her first unusual creation

Lilies are useful any time of year

A beautiful 5 point star

The last creation from Fleurific

Now lets see the winning designs from our members.
The Theme is "Share the Joy"

"Bring on the Turkey" asked for three or more small designs
to run down the middle of a large formal table.

Olive Balderson took 2nd prize for this threesome.

Ailsa Lee Loy took 1st prize.

"Holiday Greeting", a design in a gift basket, inspired two novices
(first time competitors, or those who have never won and award)

Congratulations to Carolyn Crotogino
who won 1st with this sleigh

and 3rd for this green creation.

Congratulations to our other novice, Joan Hadrill,
for this 2nd-prize-winning design.

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